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Performance Improvement

ets is a management consulting and professional development firm founded in 1990 and located on Florida's Space Coast, specializing in helping private and public sector organizations and communities achieve and sustain performance excellence. Areas of expertise include:

  • Organizational Assessment - to prioritize needs and develop change strategies; based on Baldrige, Sterling or Deming Prize criteria.
  • Strategy Development and Deployment - to focus the organization and align and integrate all operations.
  • Process Management and Measurement - to define and improve all work systems.
  • Performance Management - to ensure individual, and measurable, accountability at all levels, and the alignment of all employees to organizational goals.
  • Technological Solutions - to ensure quick access to information, knowledge, and services such as surveys, and PROMod™ which powers the EZ Self Help System, ets connections and the Whole Family® Whole Child Connection and Whole Senior Connection® systems.
  • Best Practices - To provide immediate web-based access to successful approaches thereby accelerating the organizational improvement process.
  • Award Recognition - to demonstrate to customers, employees, and other stakeholders that your organization is a role model for performance excellence.


Areas Of Expertise
^ Organizational Assessment

Effective plans to achieve performance excellence must be based on facts and proven methodologies. ets provides an impressive array of leading-edge assessment tools designed to meet the needs of any organization- large, small, public, private or virtual.

ets' assessment criteria are based on the three best known management systems:

  • Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence more
  • Florida Governor's Sterling Criteria for Performance Excellence more
  • Deming Prize Criteria more

Assessments are conducted on-site by ets' certified practitioners.

^ Strategy Development and Deployment

Effective strategic plans transform your Vision into action by engaging partners and the workforce. ets’ Strategic Planning and Deployment Solutions are inclusive, fact-based, and recognized as “best practices” by both Baldrige and Sterling Award certified examiners..

  • The mission is translated into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Strategic goal areas are identified.
  • Goals are translated into Critical Few Objectives™ and a balanced scorecard to focus and align the organization.
  • Golden Threads™ are developed, which are the visible links of organizational strategy to every employee.
^ Process Management and Measurement

Mission critical outcomes are achieved only when the core processes that drive them are effectively managed. ets' Process Management and Measurement Solutions enable you to manage proactively and prevent problems before they occur.

  • Desired outcomes are systematically achieved.
  • Every workforce member is linked to the Vision, Mission, and Values through processes.
  • Accountability is objectively driven to all levels through measures.
  • Vendors are objectively selected and managed for continuous improvement and long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Services include:

Describing processes so that roles, activities, measures and improvement opportunities are identified.

Control Systems
Monitoring performance and enabling proactive employee management to prevent defects and problems through the development of leading and lagging measures, and contingency plans.

Measurement Concepts
Ensuring goals are achieved and problems are prevented by developing meaningful outcome and predictive measures for each process.

Best Practice Method
Identifying the critical factors which define success for important outcomes and developing a method to ensure every employee knows and uses them.

^ Performance Management

Through the integration of the Leadership Team's balanced scorecard, strategic plan measures, process measurement system, and employee appraisal system, the workforce is totally aligned to the organization's Vision and goals.

^ Technological Solutions

Through the effective application of technology, ets offers its clients solutions which result in performance breakthroughs, both in quality and cost. By designing systems to improve customer value and workforce capability, ets clients increase capacity, efficiency, profitability and community respect.

ets solutions have achieved a level of refinement and practicality which allow them to be offered at prices far below similar firms or competitors.

  • Community Building - ets connections and Whole Family Connection®
  • Six Sigma for Business, Education and Government more
  • Organizational Assessments more
  • Strategic Planning more
  • Best Practices more
  • Scorecards - The ets Leaderboard and electronic spreadsheets are designed to link the employee to organizational strategies and goals.


^ Best Practices Florida

Large, diverse, and geographically dispersed organizations improve performance through ets' best practices sharing and knowledge management systems. ets' Best Practices programs are integrated with our Organizational Improvement methodologies.


^ Award Recognition

Make organizational transformation complete by being recognized as the best through a state, national or international award program. ets can efficiently guide your organization through the award application process, from complete award-winning strategies, and facilitation to site visit preparation.

Using the ets approach, your organization can become a nationally recognized leader in performance excellence in 3 years or less.

There is no other approach which enables you to more dramatically recognize and honor the workforce for its role in making your organization successful.

  • The organization's management system and history of accomplishments are developed with your employees using a unique, facilitated approach.
  • The award application is developed, printed and submitted.
  • All processes are documented and communicated to all employees and partners.
  • The organization is prepared for a successful site visit.
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