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The Profound Knowledge Academy

The PKA is the educational extension of ets which provides training materials and resources to teach and reinforce sound business management techniques.

For clients, PKA provides an alternative or complement to classroom training through online courses and immediate content delivery. Clients gain access to all strategy materials, process maps, indicator data and training content online and in real-time.

For individuals and private organizations, PKA offers best-in-class instruction and training which adapts to varied skill levels and scales from one individual to an entire organization. Whether you are an individual looking to gain a competitive edge, or an executive looking to rapidly roll out an improvement or management education program, PKA will exceed your expectations.


Online courses may be previewed and immediately ordered using the form below. If you are interested in on-site or conference training, please contact ets to discuss your unique needs and receive a free return on investment analysis and scheduling proposal.

The following courses may be completed online using a web browser and an internet connection. Each course was designed specifically for online learning, not converted, and is textbook quality featuring colorful illustrations, clear examples and downloadable software templates.

Students may be enrolled using the online shopping cart buttons below. If you would like to enroll more than one student, please contact ets at (321) 636-2212 for assistance and multiple enrollment discounts.

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Six Sigma FasTrack™

$299.95 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

Suitable as an executive level overview or a complete Six Sigma curriculum, ets' FasTrack is a fast moving, comprehensive course in Six Sigma philosophy, tools and techniques featuring clear descriptions, real-world examples, and the step-by-step application approach that ets made famous. Successful completion results in a Six Sigma Certificate.

Suitable as an executive level overview or a complete Six Sigma curriculum.

Invest in a course that will pay for itself over and over with real savings and quantifiable improvement. Enroll in FasTrack Six Sigma today. (Six Sigma Certificate Included)

Click Here To View An Example Page From This Course: DMAIC Stories

Customer Feedback:

"This (FasTrack) approach was exactly what we were looking for. We trained 32 employees and one executive over a weekend and in just one month have already produced 3 improvement teams and one big success story. Even the staff who attended the week long course in Chicago didn't accomplish that! Thank you."

"I am a business student in Bangalore who finished your book as a job requirement for Six Sigma certificate. It is highly recommended."

"The paced learning and timer are a great feature! Knowing how much time I needed to set aside for learning was a big help."

"Tell me again why people need a whole week offsite to learn this stuff? Get the ets course, forget the conferences."



Analytical Tools

$299.95 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

Analytical Tools are a common language of charts and graphs used to communicate information in business planning, improvement, and many forms of statistical analysis. This course teaches students to recognize situations in which Analytical Tools should be applied, how to choose the appropriate tool for a given situation, and how to understand the analysis that the tools present.

Each tool is explained, and the relevance and "so what" is presented in plain English. After that, a step-by-step construction exercise is also provided using both computer and manual computation. Software templates and self-test exercises are also included.

Gain the confidence to accurately and effectively analyze data and communicate its significance. Enroll in Analytical Tools today.

Topics covered include:

The Role, History, and Application of Analytical Tools
Bar Charts
Line Graphs
Pie Charts
Pareto Charts
Scatter Diagrams
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Control Charts
and more...

Click Here To View Example Pages From This Course: Overview, Step-by-Step Guide

Customer Feedback:

"...makes the most of what is traditionally dry, tedious material. The material patiently and thoroughly touches on all key areas. The step-by-step instructions for each tool, both in Excel and by hand, are invaluable."

"Finally a course that us 'normal' people can understand. You (ets) do a great job of explaining this stuff!"

"(the online course) coincided with our on-site ets training as well. It's nice to finally get on the same page about this stuff. Consistency is key."


Decision Making Tools

$299.95 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

Decision Making Tools are logical techniques used to make choices that have the statistically "best" chance of being correct. This course teaches students how to gather necessary data and fairly weigh it with expertise and opinion to make the best possible decisions and use best practices to ensure that decisions are actionable and occur in a timely fashion.

Gain the wisdom to make sound decisions in critical business areas. Enroll in Decision Making Tools and take control.

Topics covered include:

The Role, History, and Application of Decision Making Tools
Action Plans
Barriers and Aids
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Countermeasures Matrix
Pairwise Ranking
Poka Yoke
Problem Statement
Process Flow Chart
Project Planning Worksheet
Radar Chart
Source Blocks
Survey / Interview
Theme Selection Matrix
and more...

Click Here To View Example Pages From This Course: Process Flowcharts, Applications

Customer Feedback:

"Here's my comment: You made a believer out of me. I had given up on web based training. I'm glad to see that ets realizes the value of a traditional text book format and has not jumped on the 'interactive' bandwagon. Elegant use of technology for an elegant solution. Thank you."

"New life for material that too many trainers just don't get. Logical and appealing to common sense. I will use this."


Process Management

$399.95 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

Process Management is a systematic approach for visualizing, improving, and managing the performance of organizations. In this course students learn why process management is effective and then walk through a step-by-step guide to implementing and maintaining a process management system.

One of the most powerful techniques used today, Process Management can turn under performing organizations into stars and help anyone understand and manage the activities required for success. Used by every major Fortune 100 company, worldwide.

Learn the secret to effective management and knock-out performance. It's not luck, it's applied common sense. Enroll in Process Management today.

Click Here To View Example Pages From This Course: Flowchart Indicators

Customer Feedback:

"When I heard a step-by-step course for performing process management was available I had by doubts. PM (Process Management) was fantastic, easy to follow, and REALLY made sense. I've seen this stuff before, but it never clicked until I saw how it all fits together."

"... the best explanation for identifying and managing business process I have seen to date. One month with $106k saved and counting. Get this and stop throwing money away."


The DMAIC Method

$299.95 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

DMAIC is rapidly becoming the world-wide standard for solving problems and driving improvement. By using a blend of Analytical and Decision Making tools along with a structured step-by-step process, the DMAIC method will effectively find the best solution to any organizational problem, every time. How? It's simple.

If you continually make the best possible decisions based on data, then statistically you have the highest likelihood for success. Add some accountability and project management to the mix and you have a powerful solution to many organizational issues.

Learn what your competitors already know and start achieving your true potential. Enroll in Six Sigma DMAIC today.

Click Here To View Example Pages From This Course: Example DMAIC Story

Customer Feedback:

"What a useful thing! As a 'Six Sigma' black belt, I already know about DMAIC and problem solving but this was worth reading. This course is now required for all new staff..."

"I can't assemble a swing set, but last week my department reduced new loan application times by 82%. Now I'm the improvement guru. Thanks for the wonderful book and the e-mail. Couldn't have done it without you."


Six Sigma Certification

$595.00 / student (Contact ets for volume pricing)

Six Sigma certification tells employers and organizations that you understand Six Sigma and have experience successfully applying its concepts and techniques.

To achieve certification, students must demonstrate Six Sigma procedures and processes through a supervised DMAIC project, process management project, or performance management system.

Throughout your certification process, a senior ets examiner will correspond with you and monitor your progress, providing assistance and guidance as needed. Afterwards, your performance and success will be gauged upon adherence to the Six Sigma processes and project outcome measures.

Students should have a sound knowledge of Six Sigma "Green Belt," or higher, standards to apply for certification. If you have any questions regarding certification, please contact ets.


Green Belt
Certification / Training

$999.95 / student

Save $780!

(Contact ets for volume pricing)

A complete training and certification solution, this course includes all four full-length Six Sigma courses:

Analytical Tools
Decision Making Tools
Process Management
Six Sigma DMAIC

PLUS Free Six Sigma certification ($595) , good for up to one year after initial course enrollment. Save $780 over individual course and certification pricing. Our best value!


On-site Training Courses / Conference Sessions

The following courses and workshops are available on-site at your location, or as part of a training off-site or conference or by webcast. We also offer full facilitation and assessment services. Topics may be adapted to your industry or organization upon request. Please contact ets for availability, pricing, and speaker credentials.

Process Management

510 - Process Management 
511 - Applied Process Management 
512 - Process Management Tips and Lessons Learned
513 - Analyzing Process Data
520 - Re-engineering Concepts and Application
530 - Bechmarking - Setting the Bar
540 - Cost of Poor Quality Concepts and Application

Strategy and Leadership

150 - Leading for Performance Excellence
151 - Managing Policy and Strategy
152 - Sterling / Baldrige Mgmt. System
170 - Leading Project Teams
180 - Diversity Management
190 - Corporate Responsibility and Governance

Supplier Management and Outsourcing

601 - Supplier Management Concepts
602 - Supplier Selection
603 - Supplier Qualification
604 - Supplier Evaluation
605 - Supplier Improvement and Partnership
610 - Outsourcing for Quality and Efficiency

Business Improvement

401 - Quality Improvement and Control (QIC) Story™ Method
402 - Analytical Tools
403 - Decision Making Tools
406 - Six Sigma DMAIC Method 
407 - Six Sigma Analytical Tools 
408 - Six Sigma Decision Tools 
420 - The Baldrige Management System
421 - The Sterling Management System
430 - Six Sigma Overview
440 - Six Sigma For Government
450 - Six Sigma For Service
460 - Six Sigma For Industry
470 - Six Sigma For Education

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Track
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Track
Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Track


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