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ets Connections

ets Connections is a comprehensive "Whole Family" approach designed for community leaders to implement and sustain positive change. The nucleus of ets Connections is the EZ Self Help Systems (EZSHS), which enables families to understand their holistic needs based on proven risk and success factors and directly access the appropriate community services.

EZSHS diagram

EZ Self Help System

The EZ Self help System is composed of three ets proprietary software programs. Together, they enable families, and individuals of any age to:

  • Understand their holistic needs, known or unknown using research-based survey instruments, and create a unique client profile.
  • Identify potential community service providers capable of meeting the family's or individual's needs, and directly access the best choices.
  • Create a personalized success plan enabling the client to manage his or her transition to self-determined success.


Supporting System

Six supporting modules form the management system which helps ensure the EZ Self Help System becomes the nucleus of the community by engaging and aligning businesses, government and service providers to the needs of families.

Management Repots Image

The Management Reports and Leadership Scorecard module provides ongoing status of system performance and family and community outcomes. Effective use of these reports enables community leaders to evaluate and improve service quality and resource allocation in the areas of:

  • System Performance
  • Family Outcomes
  • Community Outcomes

Leadership Scorecard

Self Assessment Diagram

The Community and Network Self-Assessment module, based on the Malcolm Baldrige and the Florida Governor's Sterling Award Criteria for Performance Excellence, enables community leaders and individual network member organizations to evaluate capability and performance, and to develop plans for systematic improvement of the service delivery network.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning and Leader Engagement module enables community leaders to develop aligned strategic goals, objectives and tactical action plans to efficiently address the quantified gaps identified in the community-level profiles.

Funding Stream Diagram

ets' extensive catalogue of performance improvement tools, techniques and methodologies is available on-line to client organizations' network partners. Available Programs include Lean Six Sigma, Process Management, Statistical Tools, and Problem Solving methods such as DMAIC and QIC story.

Best Practices Sharing

ets' Best Practices Florida is an accessible web site that ensures all ets connected communities can learn from each other, thereby eliminating the waste that results from "re-inventing the wheel."

Training Diagram

The Training module ensures that the best approaches and standard practices are in place to promote improvement and sustained performance excellence. Web-based and classroom trianing are available for leaders, administrators, advisors, managers and providers.

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