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ets Consulting Services

1. Leadership and Policy:

1.1 Leadership coaching and advisement.

1.2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) determination and Organizational Scorecards development.

1.3 Strategic Plan development and deployment facilitation.

1.4 Succession Planning System design and development.

1.5 Malcolm Baldrige, Florida Sterling, Deming and Shingo System implementation.

Please contact ets for more information regarding these programs.

2. Organizational Change:

2.1 Organizational Assessments: Baldrige/Sterling-based, Deming, and Shingo Systems Criteria.

2.2 Conducting Organizational Performance Reviews at all levels.

2.3 Customer-focused Strategy development; Customer Segmentation and Customer Needs determination.

2.4 Customer Inquiry, Satisfaction, and Complaint Management Systems development.

2.5 Knowledge Management System design and development including Best Practices replication.

Please contact ets for more information regarding these programs.

3. Process Improvement and Re-engineering:

3.1 Business Development process design and facilitation.

3.2 Sales Process design.

3.3 Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) process design and facilitation.

3.4 Outsourcing Decision process development and facilitation.

3.5 Lean Six Sigma application, Process Management implementation, Work Flow Analysis, Re-engineering and Systems Design in all aspects of the business.

Please contact ets for more information regarding these programs.

4. Workforce:

4.1 Human Resources (HR) Performance Management Design.

The goal of all leaders is to ensure all employees understand how they connect, and can contribute, to the organization's goals, strategies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

5. Web-based Solutions:

5.1 Employee Climate Survey (Flat fee based on Organization Size)

Surveys are designed to determine workforce engagement and satisfaction – keys to productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. All surveys are customized based on your organization's demographics and operational requirements. ets' climate surveys are based on factors known to drive employee engagement and satisfaction. Benchmarks of excellence are available for use in target-setting.

5.2 Customer Survey (Flat fee based on Customer Segmentation)

Surveys are designed to determine the degree of customer satisfaction and the likelihood of retention and referral. Better understand how to penetrate your customer base and develop effective strategies for engaging and retaining them.

5.3 Employee Climate Survey (Flat fee based on Organization Size)

Developing robust strategic plans requires information and knowledge from your diverse set of stakeholders. ets' web-based SWOT program is designed to collect, aggregate, and assimilate the right types of information and synthesize it for analysis and decision-making. When included with employee climate surveys, customer surveys, and operating data, strategic plans become effective roadmaps to organizational performance excellence

5.4 Best Practices Resource Center (One-time Implementation fee and nominal Annual Support /System Maintenance fee)

Please contact ets for more information regarding these programs.

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