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Who We Are
ets is a consulting and professional development firm that helps organizations define and achieve their goals through the application of proven leadership and management principles, and technology.

What We Do
ets helps people and organizations achieve their full potential. Core areas of focus are performance improvementprofessional development, and community-based solutions.

Performance Consulting
ets improves organizational performance by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations through the disciplined application of proven leadership and management approaches. Areas of emphasis include organizational assessments, strategic planning, process efficiency, and Lean Six Sigma consulting.

Professional Development
ets provides leading edge training and education for all levels of the organization. Leaders develop the skills necessary to implement the practices necessary for their organizations to become role models through the Leadership Academy, and our Strategic Planning and Key Performance Indicators courses. Middle managers and the workforce learn how to improve and refine processes through our extensive Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs.

Community-based Solutions
ets builds and strengthens communities by providing citizens access to services through ets Connections, and improves the efficiency of community resources by integrating fragmented service delivery networks.

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